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PPH is the leading cause of death & 
complications in Labor & Delivery

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is preventable, but can kill a woman in hours if it goes undetected and/or untreated. In the US, PPH accounts for 11% of US maternal deaths and occurs in 5% of all births. For every woman who dies, fifty experience morbidities like an unplanned hysterectomy, acute kidney injury (AKI), blood transfusions and PTSD. 

% of Pregnancy Related Deaths Day of Delivery (US)

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Pregnant belly


of PPH incidents occur in
‘Low Risk’ mothers

Low Risk ≠ No Risk

Maternal mortality and health inequity are growing in the US

Black mothers die at 3.5 times the rate of white mothers; Native American/Alaskan Indian at 2.5 times. Hispanic maternal mortality rates have grown at +24% over the past two years. If the care team is not vigilant in detecting and treating a hemorrhage, valuable time is lost.

% of Pregnancy Related Deaths Day of Delivery (US)

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Voice of the Customer

“Every mother is at risk for PPH. I can’t think of a bigger maternal health issue.”
Labor, Delivery, Postpartum RN, Ft. Wayne IN
Newborn Baby

Improving risk prediction is crucial

Better risk assessment for PPH would not only save lives and avoid complications, but would eliminate a source of racial inequity in obstetrics care.

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