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Novel technology to continuously monitor a mother’s risk for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) during Labor and Delivery.

How does it work?

Non-invasive wearable captures maternal heart rate timing data

Maternal data uploaded to proprietary machine learning algorithm

PPH risk alert sent to clinical care team for patient assessment

Clinical care team provides appropriate, timely treatment

Labor & Delivery

We improve risk prediction up to 10x beyond the current standard of care

Vasowatch conducted an observational study on a diverse population of 525 women in Labor and Delivery at a large urban Pennsylvania Hospital.  We compared the hospital's expert-based survey risk assessment administered at admission to that of the Vasowatch algorithm.  Here are the results:

Competitive Landscape

Frame 223.png

Improved risk prediction enables timely & cost saving treatment

Rectangle 6.png

Dose of a uterotonic medication


Rectangle 7.png

Blood transfusion


Vasowatch MVP 1.0

Frame 111.png

Sibel Health sensors

De Novo

Bedside + Nurses’ Station

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