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Vasowatch improves PPH
risk prediction by 4X

The Joint Commission, the largest accrediting body in the US,  has mandated the assessment of hemorrhage risk upon admission, as well as other appropriate times during the obstetrics episode.  The current standard of care is expert-based survey risk assessment tools developed by maternal health quality organizations. 40% of mothers who go on to experience postpartum hemorrhage, however, are assessed as “low risk” by these assessment tools. As a result, the clinical care team may not be prepared with the necessary supplies, medications, and staff to appropriately intervene as the hemorrhage occurs.

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Vasowatch has developed a system to continuously monitor the mother’s PPH risk during labor and delivery.  A non-invasive wearable device is attached to the mother’s wrist upon admission.  A PPG optical skin sensor monitors the mother’s capillary blood flow at an extremity, the wrist, and sends it periodically to a proprietary parameter invariant algorithm in the cloud that detects changes in the mother’s compensatory response, indicative of a hemorrhage. 

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A change in the mother's PPG waveform data triggers an alert to the clinical care team up to 30 minutes ahead of delivery, allowing time to plan for appropriate staffing, medications and other supplies, enabling appropriate and timely interventions.   This alert can be delivered via a dashboard, mobile device and/or integrated into the hospital system’s EMR, automating documentation and encouraging care coordination. The wearable device is removed upon discharge to postpartum.  The system is adjunctive to clinical care.



  • Obtain necessary supplies 

      e.g. hemorrhage cart, medications

  • Blood bank notification and crossmatch

  • Unit staffing adjustments for high-risk birth

  • Opportunity to alert other clinicians

What's Next

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Conducting customer discovery sessions to learn how the Vasowatch technology can support the delivery of a consistent, high quality, low cost birthing experience.


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Looking for feedback on Vasowatch's novel clinical decision support system to improve risk prediction for PPH.


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Seeking investors to support our mission of improving maternal outcomes and health equity.


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Open to discussions with partners who can accelerate market adoption and reduce the cost of solution delivery.


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